All About Smokey The Duck

Published on 5 September 2023 at 17:09

Smokey, a 2 year old Khaki Campbell drake, is known for his loving, gentle, curious, and trusting personality. He is a champion at poultry shows, and the star of his own YouTube channel, Smokey The Duck. 


Born on May 18, 2021, in Hoover's Hatchery in Iowa, he was sent to Tractor Supply, in Tennesee, where he found his forever home with Ava, an 11 year old girl. When Ava and her family walked into Tractor Supply to buy 2 ducklings, Ava strongly felt she should get a 3rd duckling. Her sister felt they should as well, and so did the woman who was getting the ducklings out of the brooder. Even though they went to get 2, they came home with a 3rd duckling, which Ava later named Smokey. When he grew up, she saw how he was different than the other ducks. He was friendly, gentle, and trusting. She spent more time with him, and soon they were good friends. She made his own YouTube channel, Smokey The Duck. Now Smokey is 2 years old, and Ava is 13, and they are still together living a simple, yet exciting life. Subscribe to their channel today! God bless!

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