Smokey The Miracle Duck(A Day In The Life Of Being Best Friends With A Duck)

Published on 29 August 2023 at 11:15

Ever since I got Smokey, we have been best friends. It is so fun to take him on his walks to the pond and creek, and being friends with such an extraordinary animal definitely means a lot to me. 


A Day In The Life Of Being Best Friends With A Duck


I wake up at 7:00 each morning and let him out of his enclosed cattle panel night pen into his large yard, which is full of grass and a few trees for shade. At about 10:00, I let him and his flock out of the yard to free range on our 42 acres of land. We have ponds, woods, creeks, and pasture, so he has a lot to do. Any time that I am not busy with school or chores, I take him on a walk to the pond. He usually doesn't need a harness because he will follow me, and he won't run from me when I go to pick him up. I let him fly around in the pasture. I believe it is healthy and natural for him to fly, and since he doesn't fly away, I am perfectly okay with that.


Usually, after he is done swimming, we go to one of our pear trees and sit under it. We spend some time together in the shade talking to each other, and he really enjoys getting his neck rubbed. He will lay down on my lap and fall asleep while I rub him. After that, sometimes we do a YouTube video and post it on Beak N Bill, our YouTube channel. We have another YouTube channel called Smokey The Duck, about the daily life of him, so make sure to keep your eye open for that one. The YouTube channel, Smokey The Duck, is where Smokey's fans and followers can watch a plethora of videos and posts about his daily life. Smokey The Duck has catchy thumbnails, well made and edited shorts and videos, and a brightly colored and fun banner, making the YouTube channel appealing to first time viewers. Smokey The Duck YouTube channel is Smokey's very own channel.


Later in the day, we got to the creek and swim together. In the afternoons, my family will sometimes have a bonfire down there by the water, so Smokey and I sit by fire, and I give him little pieces of cracker or whatever snacks we have down there at the time. He doesn't need to be tied to a tree or anything, he just sticks around the area, or beside me begging for neck rubs. LOL! Even though we live in the woods, and own some of the creek, he doesn't wander. He stays in the creek right in front of us, or he is beside me. That is really nice because I don't have to worry about him running in the woods and disappearing. 


Right before nightfall, I feed him his pellets and change the water in his pools. Then I lock him up safely in his night pen. Of course, I always say goodnight to him, and he quacks back. Lol! We do everything together. Each day in our life is a little different, and sometimes we do different things, but this is just giving you an idea of our daily life. Tell me about your ducks in the comments!!! Thank you for reading, please comment, and visit again! God bless!



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