Vaccinating Poultry(What You Should Know Before You Do)

Published on 29 August 2023 at 10:04

By the hour, more and more poultry shows are requiring show birds to be vaccinated. They say vaccinations will prevent the birds from being devastated by diseases. Is this really true? Is this something you should consider for your flock? Let's jump in and talk about this!

Is it really necessary to vaccinate your flock? The answer is, absolutely not!!! If you have a small flock of less than 50 birds, they most likely will never be devastated by a disease. Vaccinations are also an added expense that many of us simply can't afford. It has also been confirmed that these vaccines don't always protect the bird. For example, one chicken was given the Merek's vaccine and still caught Merek's Disease. Also, chickens who are given vaccinations still spread the disease, even if they are immune to it. 


Vaccines are not effective at keeping birds from spreading diseases, and they are not always effective at keeping the bird from getting the disease either. Also, by vaccinating your flock, you may be injecting heavy metals into your bird, depending on what vaccine you give. Metals commonly found in vaccines for both people and animals include, but are not limited to aluminum, AS01 B, AS04, and CpG 1018.


These metals in the bloodstream of your birds can lead to liver and kidney failure. Personally, I like to feed a non-gmo, soy-free, and corn-free feed, free-range, and not vaccinate my birds because I feel living a natural life is much healthier, and they produce eggs that can be certified, non-gmo. 


Whether you are going to vaccinate or not vaccinate your flock, that is completely your choice. I am just sharing my knowledge and why I choose not to. The decision is totally yours. Thank you for reading, please comment, and visit again! God bless!


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